The core principal around the establishment of Roman Wildlife Foundation (RWF) is to give back. “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill.


The founder of RWF has been fortunate to create personal success and wealth through successful business adventures. As a result, he has afforded the opportunity to travel throughout the world on a regular basis, expanding his networks, meeting people, doing business transactions and seeing different countries. It is through this experience that his love for nature grew beyond what he would ever have imagined. Wildlife and conservation became the main motivator and with that a natural progression towards wildlife photography as he discovered the joy of shooting wildlife with his lens. As he continued to travel throughout Africa on safari excursions, he learned about the importance of conservation, and what demand it has in terms of funding resources required to successfully implement management policies key to conservation ethics. On his own, he can only do so much, however with partnerships as well as fundraising, so much more can be done.


The photos on the RWF website are all photographs taken by Roman Balaz, founder of RWF and is part of a collection of the best wildlife pictures during his African safaris. The photographs are all for sale and can be tailored according to a client's requirement with special frame designs and quality prints. One hundred percent of the revenue generated through the photography sales initiative is then fed back to the foundation in order to contribute towards fundraising. The photographs are also exhibited at three different international venues a year, with the main exhibition being in Prague in the month of December. During the exhibition, some spectacular frames will be auctioned off for special collections. They are truly unique and can not be purchased anywhere else. 


We invite you to view our photography gallery where all the current 168 chosen pictures are displayed and available to purchase. Upon ordering, we will be in touch directly to discuss framing options and shipping. We are able to ship globally from Prague directly to an address. Simply click the order button, complete the order form, add the photo catalogue number and size to the form, and complete the purchase through our secure online payment method.


Photography prices - Special photos with white resin.


45x135 cm                          300 EUR

60x90 cm                            250 EUR

30x60 cm                            130 EUR

20x40 cm                              75 EUR

21x30 cm                              50 EUR


Without Resin - Normal Quality = 65 % 


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